This site is an amalgamation of Menda Rose's (Amanda Birchard's) eclectic traits and endeavours. With an MA in Music Education, Amanda is currently teaching piano and voice in her boutique music studio in East York / Toronto, as well as writing and performing. This site will be updated with new music, events, anything interesting that may arise. 
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If you seek a personal, boutique music experience in East York, than my studio and lessons are for you. Please contact me for a consultation! I offer 30 min. piano lessons and 1 hr. voice lessons for the beginner and advanced student.





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New CD's have arrived! 

NEW CD's for Menda Rose!! "Hammers & Bones" and "mR & the Sweet Collective." If you havn't heard it yet, here's a taste of Hammers & Bones: “... a woman’s story of self-criticism, grand illusions and sexual discovery relayed with brassy wit and an open heart.  Imagine kids playing dress up and telling big people stories.  Imagine a cabaret girl on speed, laughing and crying for the extremes of humanity when the scale could tip in either direction.  This is a story of the fork in the road.  A story of unending conflict:  ecstasy and loathing; anger, confusion, and frustration paired with a desperate plea for understanding, compassion and self-acceptance.  This album is a part showgirl strut and part toddlers trusting, warm embrace."

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