"Menda Rose has achieved something unique with this avant-garde style; she's created a contemporary indie pop/jazz feel with an old school vibe.” - A R Select, 2012 (West Hollywood, Ca)




"Menda Rose has achieved something unique with this avant-garde style; she's created a contemporary indie pop/jazz feel with an old school vibe.” - A R Select, 2012 (West Hollywood, Ca) 

"She busts through around and against cliches to achieve real humanism. She dodges the overly emotional thing that so many artists mistakenly iterate and captures the sensory impressions of a moment in time, an atmosphere, a feeling, a taste, and state of being."- Eugenia Catroppa, Theatre.IV.Mimmo (Aug 27, 2011) 

"...a standout for me personally." - Jay Moon, Moon Vs the World (Aug 11, 2010) 

"Menda Rose gave an intense performance." - Lynn Peppas, The Tribune (Jul 28, 2005) 


Menda Rose is a cabaret folk artist, an entertainer and musician. An ‘in-the-moment’ stage performer with over the top characterizations, Menda Rose captivates audiences with her vulnerability and sass. Encompassing a provocative stage presence that is almost vaudevillian there is nothing subtle about her.  A first generation Canadian with zesty Italian roots, Menda Rose is an accomplished modern dancer, conservatory pianist, music theatre performer, songwriter, and funk/soul bandleader. 

Menda Rose began writing in 1998 performing for writers’ workshops and indie venues around Toronto, Stratford and Niagara. In 2010 Menda Rose released an EP of cover songs with her funk/soul band mR and the Sweet Collective. Menda Rose performs throughout the GTA and performances include the Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival, The El Mocambo, Revival, Cameron House, Supermarket, and C’est What. In 2011 she completed her first live-off-the-floor music video for her single “Here Here, Now Now,” and in 2012 released her debut acoustic album of original works titled “Hammers & Bones.” The album is titled after her source inspiration, the piano, as well as illuminates her work in the rawest form. It is an eclectic collection of songs revealing an intricate and mature musicianship. 


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"Menda Rose has played intimate home concerts and larger events  for me. She covers a huge spectrum of musical genres. She tailors her playlist to her audience. She loves her audience and they end up loving her. She is a wonderful entertainer." - Marshall Green, Private and Corporate Events

"High energy and a great selection of music from old classics to new. Enjoyment for crowds of all ages. Wonderful to have worked with! - Fitzgerald Public House 

"Their impact on my event was second to none! Fabulous job! Highly recommended!" 
- Catherine Chow, The Vault/1 King West


Dundas Square 
Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival 
The Pilot 
Trane Studio 
Cameron House 
El Mocambo 
Molly Blooms 
C'est What 
The Pie Shack 
Balmy Beach Club 
Abbey Road Pub 
Riverside Public House 
McGibbon Hotel 
Scruffy Murphy's 
Maple Leaf House 
The Clarkson Pump 
The Kilt Keg 
The Loaded Dog 
Wild Wing 
The Revival 
The Myth 
The Vault / 1 King West 
Venetian Banquet Hall 
Detroit Casino 
Dub Linn Gate 
Lion on the Beach 
Side Door Cafe (Barrie) 
The North Restaurant (Barrie)